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This year Teamster has chosen to donate money to the Swedish Red Cross.

December 4, 2023

Instead of handing out Christmas treats to customers, this year Teamster has chosen to donate money to the Swedish Red Cross. We thank all customers and suppliers for this year and look forward to continued collaborations in 2024!

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This year Teamster has chosen to donate money to the Swedish Red Cross.

December 22, 2022

Instead of handing out Christmas treats to customers, this year Teamster has chosen to donate money to the Swedish Red Cross. We thank all customers and suppliers for this year and look forward to continued collaborations in 2023!

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Teamster receives KUKA Partner award

November 1, 2022

Application of the year We are honored and proud to receive this award. As a system partner with Kuka, we are not only value their wide range of products. But also their competence and experience, which together with Teamsters knowledge gives our customers added value.

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Teamster expands – opens new office in Skåne

May 3, 2022

On May 2, we will start up our new office in Skåne with Kristian Lassesson in charge. The work of building the office and the recruitment of new talent is already in full swing. – I welcome Kristian, who with his long experience and knowledge from the industry will be an asset for Teamster as…

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Successful event together with our partners!

April 12, 2022

On Thursday, the event Industry 4.0 was arranged with us at Teamster together with our partners KUKA, Siemens, Visual Components and Empir Industry, all of whom gave lectures. The event also included a mini-fair where the aforementioned partners exhibited together with Atlas Copco, SenseNode and Simplex Motion. We want to start by thanking customers, partners…

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Teamster supports relief work in Ukraine

April 4, 2022

Instead of Easter sweets for our customers, Teamster has this year chosen to donate money to the Red Cross in support of their relief work in Ukraine.

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Teamster gets the confidence to show their broad knowledge.

December 3, 2021

We have now started an exciting project for one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of heating systems. We deliver a robot-supported automation process that includes glue application, vision control, assembly systems, lifting equipment and automated cleaning, but also semi-automatic workstations. High quality and functional requirements from the end customer require that all operations are monitored and…

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September 22, 2021

Teamster is very happy and proud to once again get the confidence to be chosen as the supplier when Pågen increases its capacity at the bakery in Malmö. – Pågen is Sweden’s leading bakery in packaged fresh bread, fermented coffee bread, crusts, sausage- and hamburger bread. Our bread is packed directly from the oven and…

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March 11, 2021

Roger has many years of experience of sales in the automation industry and most recently came from a position as sales manager at a system integrator. Basically, Roger is a technician but has gradually switched to sales of automation solutions. As a salesman at Teamster, Roger looks forward to meet Teamster’s customers and explain more…

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Teamster’s VR event at Pågen

December 18, 2020

One way to create good conditions in the project is the digital twin that was presented in Malmö last week and which Teamster has developed after having 3D-scanned the entire existing environment. With the help of VR glasses, you experience the feeling of being in a “real facility”, and can, for example, try a staircase…

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Machine safety & CE marking

In Europe, there are health, environmental and safety requirements that are fundamental for machines to be provided. We help you with, among other things, risk analyzes, evaluations, tests and compilations of documentation prior to CE marking. Click to read more about how we can help you.

Digital twins

Digital twin is about creating digital models of your products, processes and systems. To succeed with this, solutions are also required for data collection, storage, analyzes as well as access and visualization. Through digital twins, we can create flows and find solutions for even better processes.

Virtual Commissioning / Robot Simulation

With the help of robot simulation or virtual commissioning, you are given the opportunity to test your robot at an early stage. This gives you an opportunity to find strengths and weaknesses which in turn will save you both time and money. Click the button below to read more about what we can help you with.

Industri 4.0

Do you want to achieve shorter lead times? Experiencing fewer errors? Become more flexible and avoid time-consuming programming? Let's introduce Industry 4.0. By collecting data, analyzing it and make conclusions, we can thus, with the help of Industry 4.0, make better decisions, which will save you both time and costs.


Vision is the eye of automation. With the help of vision technology and cameras, we can verify and check product quality. With Vision, you can find errors in production at an early stage, which leads to time and cost savings as reworking is reduced. Click to read more about what we can do for you.

Investigation & Pre-study

Increase the probability of a successful project with the help of our pre-study. We can help you with parts or the whole pre-study with the aim of investigating feasibility, time and costs and whether it is in line with your expected income. A properly conducted pre-study increases the chances of success.


We have produced a brochure where we show parts of our business, solutions for a selection of our customers and provide inspiration on how we can help you create smoother, better and more efficient workplaces.

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