If a process can be described, it is often possible to automate it. This is where Teamster comes in: we are able to develop automation solutions for most production processes in the form of:

  • Robotsystem
  • Materials handling
  • Packaging solutions
  • Control systems

Joakim Fredholm
Tel. +46 703 05 33 39

This includes everything from feasibility studies to project planning, electrical design engineering and programming to actual commissioning. The result: more smoothly flowing processes, improved efficiency, and therefore increased profitability.

We have become something of a specialist in how to use robotics in automation solutions.
In addition to complete robotic automation systems, we offer the following:

• Robot programming (ABB, KUKA)
• Robot simulation (RobotStudio, KUKAsim)
• Delivery of robots, both new and used
• Robot service

PLC is automation!
PLC is at the heart of all automation solutions, while HMI (Human-Machine Interface) refers to communication between man and machine.

We develop the very best solutions for production control. This can involve small-scale PLC control for a single machine or large PLC networks for entire production lines.

In addition to complete PLC systems, we offer:

• PLC / HMI programming including Siemens, Mitsubishi, Rockwell, ABB
• Safety PLC including Siemens, ABB Pluto, Pilz and Mitsubishi
• Software PLC including Beckhoff TwinCAT and embedded systems such as IntervalZero RTX
• PC programming, C and VB

We develop production systems/MES using established tools, but also using proprietary systems.

The programming environments we work in are C, Delphi and Visual Basic. These environments often include SQL databases, OPC connection and communication with business systems.

Vision – the eyes of automation!

For many years, we have been using vision applications in our automation solutions for:

• Measurement
• Quality control
• Robot guidance
• Identification (code reading)

The foundation and documentation of automation!

We perform design engineering for automation projects, i.e. mechanical and electrical design engineering.
Our design engineering tools are:
Electrical design engineering: EPlan and ElproCAD

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Welcome to Teamster

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We move across the river.

Vicinity to water is something that we like. Teamster has been active some years at Eriksberg, but now we move across the river to the so-called “Silla Factory” (Herring factory) and the former headquarters of Atlas Design, who were known for their ties. And this will also be a "hub", as elegant as the ties as well as creativity.

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