Virtual Commissioning & Robot simulation

Virtual Commissioning

Being able to simulate and verify a PLC system before commissioning on site means that shortcomings can be identified and the time on site can be significantly shortened. Production is the most important thing for our customers and since many installations are made in existing facilities or in connection with these, it can be ensured by simulation that this is disturbed as little as possible.

Flow simulation

The capacity of an automation plant depends on the entire system being able to keep the same pace. If there is a bottleneck, this will reduce the capacity of the entire facility. Therefore, it is important to perform a flow simulation at an early stage to verify that all parts have the required cycle time. If deficiencies are located, these can be remedied before the facility is physically in place with savings in both time and costs. Flow simulations can also be used as a tool to make changes and optimizations in existing facilities where capacity is desired to increase.

Robot simulation

A selection of the tools we work with:

With robot simulation, you can program and test your robot virtually at an early stage in the project. This means that you can test the tasks the robot shall perform virtually before you have the physical robot installed. There is a big time and cost savings that the robot simulation brings. Get in touch with us and we will talk about how we can help you.

  • Visual Components
  • ABB RobotStudio
  • Siemens Plant Simulation
  • Siemens Process Simulate
  • Siemens Simit
  • Siemens PLCSim Advanced

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