Fluid Bag

A Finnish-Swedish power couple that raises the bar for the handling and application of liquid products in the automotive industry

Jakobstad/Gothenburg, March 18th 2019 – Fluid-Bag and Teamster are launching a new cooperation for the transportation, handling and automated application of liquid, high-viscosity products in the automotive industry.

Fluid-Bag manufactures flexible 1000- and 900-litre containers that can be emptied very efficiently using Fluid-Bag Discharge Rollers. Teamster completes the Fluid-Bag setup by providing the necessary automation solutions to connect the Fluid-Bag system to robot cells and integrate the system into the manufacturer’s production line.

A new Demo Hub has been set up at Teamster’s facility in Gothenburg showing Fluid-Bag’s containers and how they are filled and discharged. Teamster also demonstrates how the Fluid-Bag system can be integrated with a robot cell, for example for applying liquid sound deadening to a car body. The Fluid-Bag system can be used in several manufacturing stages, such as body in white, painting and assembly, for a variety of products including adhesives, sealants, sealers, wax materials and liquid sound deadening products.

 Main advantages of the Fluid-Bag setup

  • Reduced material consumption thanks to the efficient discharge method, reducing residue to 15 kg instead of 40-50 kg using steel totes.
  • Improved logistics: after discharge, 7 empty Fluid-Bag pallets that held 7000 litres take up the same space as only one 1000-litre steel tote.
  • Reduced waste: the user only pays for the disposal of 15 kg compared to 40-50 kg.
  • Reduced changeover time: fast, clean and easy to switch containers. No need for cleaning or changing of expensive O-rings.
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance: The Fluid-Bag inner liner is made for single use, so there is no need to clean containers.
  • Improved quality: No large open surface exposed to air.

“We are jointly looking forward to inviting individuals and groups within the automotive sector, including trucks and buses, general industry and suppliers within the OEM industry, to come and visit the Demo Hub in Gothenburg. Typically, we can offer a half-day seminar where we provide information about the technology and estimate the cost for such a setup”, says Ulf Mill, Managing Director at Teamster.

“We strongly believe this is state-of-the-art in terms of material handling solutions of the future, in combination with an industry solution for material distribution at the OEM”, adds Peter Larsson, Executive Senior Advisor at Fluid-Bag.