On Thursday, the event Industry 4.0 was arranged with us at Teamster together with our partners KUKA, Siemens, Visual Components and Empir Industry, all of whom gave lectures. The event also included a mini-fair where the aforementioned partners exhibited together with Atlas Copco, SenseNode and Simplex Motion.

We want to start by thanking customers, partners and everyone who helped to make this a nice and successful event that lasted all day. It was fun that so many came and that we could finally meet in person again!

The common thread of the event was digital twins, simulation, virtual commissioning, digitization and sustainability, which was linked to a presentation on how these parts were realized in a sharp project at Teamster.

To round off the day, Anders Jansson invited to many laughs before the subsequent dinner and mingling took place.

Below you see a small collage from the day. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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