On May 2, we will start up our new office in Skåne with Kristian Lassesson in charge.

The work of building the office and the recruitment of new talent is already in full swing.

- I welcome Kristian, who with his long experience and knowledge from the industry will be an asset for Teamster as well as for our customers. With our expansion, we want to connect both employees, customers and competence through greater geographical presence, says CEO Joakim Fredholm

- I look forward to further developing Teamster's business and customer base in Skåne. Having the chance to both build a business and at the same time manage existing contacts and business is motivating. Teamster's long experience and great know-how in automation will benefit more customers, says Regional Manager South Kristian Lassesson


About Teamster:

Teamster is a feature provider that develops advanced systems for the industry. We can develop automation solutions for most production processes in the form of robot systems, material handling, packaging solutions and assembly solutions. The vision is to become the obvious partner in industrial automation and complete deliveries.

For more information contact:
Joakim Fredholm, VD Teamster, +46 70 305 33 39, joakim.fredholm@teamster.se

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